For decades asbestos was used in a wide variety of construction materials due to its durability and heat resistance. Unfortunately, it was also found to pose serious health risks for those exposed. This is why it is always best to hire licensed professionals with the necessary equipment and experience to handle any asbestos abatement job. Unlike other hazardous home improvement jobs, asbestos removal is not something that can be done by the average DIYer. The dangers of breathing in airborne asbestos fibers are too great and can lead to mesothelioma, lung cancer, or other respiratory ailments. Asbestos professionals have the tools, training, and personal protective equipment to safely handle asbestos.

Asbestos abatement professionals inspect a home or building for materials that may contain asbestos and take samples with special equipment to be tested. If they determine that the material is contaminated, they can advise homeowners and businesses of what corrective measures need to be taken. This could include removing the contaminated material or encapsulating it with a sealant.

Those who are interested in becoming an asbestos professional must be trained and accredited by the state. The exact requirements vary by state, but most will require a certificate of accreditation from an EPA-approved course and completion of the appropriate licensing and certification exams. Some states will also require an individual to pass a background check and drug test before they can work on asbestos abatement projects.

The most common way for people to find a qualified asbestos abatement company is to use an online search engine. By entering a few basic details of their job, such as the location where the work is needed and what type of material it contains, a person can quickly be matched with top-rated local companies that have been reviewed by actual customers. However, it is important to keep in mind that any reference given by a potential service provider can be cherry-picked and can often be false. To get greater confidence in a service provider, consider choosing one that is Diamond Certified, which requires a rigorous rating process that includes random telephone interviews of actual customers.

Undisturbed asbestos in good condition does not poseĀ asbestos removal experts a health risk, as long as it is not broken up and spread through the air. Therefore, people should only hire a licensed asbestos abatement professional if they are planning remodeling or any other activity that may cause the material to be broken up and distributed through the air. This is particularly true for cutting into asbestos walls, shifting asbestos flooring, scraping asbestos joint compounds, or working on asbestos roofing shingles. The only time it is ever safe to do these tasks without an expert is when the contaminated material has been sealed or encapsulated. Any other scenario could potentially release dangerous airborne asbestos fibers and put the homeowner or business owner at significant health risk.